How Hague is supporting the healthcare industry through COVID

How Hague is supporting the healthcare industry through COVID

The coronavirus pandemic and soaring hospitalisations have increased pressure on the NHS and the healthcare system. What has become evident over the last 12 months is that If we want to fight against this virus and emerge from the other side, we need high-quality pharmaceutical packaging and labelling.

This ensures that life-saving medications and medical equipment are protected against physical damage, breakage, and biological degradation. It ensures that labelling contains clear and correct information about the product and medical records can remain fully confidential. We can also adhere to medical guidelines effectively and provide the best possible care for patients.

Total peace of mind when it’s been needed the most

We know from client feedback that the quality and dependability of Hague’s products has been particularly relied upon during the pandemic. Clinical laboratory teams, for example, have probably never been under more pressure. They’re continuing to work in extremely restrictive conditions, and that means it’s been essential for them to minimise problems and maximise productivity in the limited time and space available. With Hague’s robust administrative solutions in their corner, they’ve been able to focus fully on the job in hand.

Why choose Hague for your healthcare packaging and labelling needs?

Hague provides a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging and printing solutions to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, protect essential drugs and equipment, and organise patient information effectively.

A closer look at seven key ways we are supporting the healthcare sector. . 

Transport bags: We offer a wide range of both grip seal, self-seal and bespoke transport bags in a range of colours and gauges. With unique secure inkjet printing, easy tear perforation, absorbent pads and optional sequential barcoding for tracking and security.

Specimen bags: We offer specimen bags with grip seal closure which are compatible with standard products procured by NHS supplies. We also supply leak-proof bespoke bags which are barcoded and puncture-proof for added safety and security.

Barcode labels: Manufactured using the latest inkjet and digital printing technology, our barcode and plain thermal labels are used widely throughout the NHS in all main Pathology and Blood Transfusion departments as well as Pharmacy and Patient Services. This includes plain stock labels, A4 laser labels, tags and integrated request labels and self-laminating cryogenic labels.

ICE Request Labels: We are specialists in the supply and stock management of Direct Thermal GP ICE and tQuest labels for electronic requesting, as well as plain A4 & A5, integrated labels right across the NHS from North to South. Multiple cutters and core sizes are available to suit any format and printer.

Manilla Folders and Wallets: We offer a range of folders and wallets that are available in up to a dozen stock colours to meet your requirements. Produced with dividers, booklets, sheets, NCR sets, pockets or medical mount sheets inserted, folders can be barcoded, laminated, or tabbed. Mediclip and prong accessories are also available.

Plastic Folders: Our polypropylene E-Files are durable, reusable and a great alternative to manila folders. A host of clip substrate and mechanisms are available including swivel clips, mediclips, or clamp clips. They offer complete patient confidentiality and can be made to order and available in a huge range of colours.

Trace Safe™ Blood Compatibility Label Printing: This is a secure, cost-effective blood tagging printing solution used extensively in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Utilising the Trace Safe CONNECT application to generate linear or 2D barcodes in a specific format, it ensures the correct design and data format is achieved for the printing of blood compatibility labels. In addition, we have the Trace Safe PRINT back-up solution which meets the demands of the MHRA and ensures blood products are continually issued offline when the network or LIMS is down.

Hague offers a range of secure printing and packaging solutions for the healthcare industry. Widely used in the NHS across the country, our pharmaceutical products are cost-effective, secure, proven and entirely adaptable to your needs.

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