How do printed tickets for events with QR codes work?

How do printed tickets for events with QR codes work?

Just because you have have decided to go for traditional printed tickets for events doesn’t mean you can’t utilise digital technology to streamline how you check-in your event’s attendees. There are many ways you can print modern tickets that make the most of modern techniques to monitor and admit guests.

Many event tickets now include a 2D barcode, also known as a QR (Quick Response) code, which are machine-readable codes made up by black and white squares. The codes are read by imaging devices, such as a smartphone or specialist machine, which can interpret the code. QR codes are becoming more and more popular with event organisers, as the code can only be used once and are thereafter rejected, so this feature deters counterfeiters from fraudulently recreating tickets.

It is important to remember a few things when designing printed tickets for events that feature QR codes. Firstly, when designing the tickets the designer should take into account the size at which the ticket will be printed. If the code loses its resolution, it may be hard for the machine to scan it, which can result in many disgruntled event organisers and attendees!

Secondly, the printer used should be of a high enough quality to ensure the tickets are not smudged during printing and come out clear and legible. If it doesn’t, this could render the code unusable. Issues like this are sometimes unavoidable, so it’s always advisable to print a clause on the ticket that asks attendees to bring along the booking payment method, such as a debit or credit card, so organisers can check the details and manually admit them to the event.

Even though these are potential issues, ticket printing for events that feature these barcodes can provide you with security, protecting your event and your finances. Although this method makes the most of modern technologies, it is still one of the most cost effective ways to protect your event.

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