Five uses for hologram labels

Five uses for hologram labels

No matter what industry you are in, hologram labels can be used to enhance the image of your organisation or brand. Not only do holograms look extremely professional and impressive, they are one of the most effective ways to protect against counterfeiting and tampering. In this blog we will take a look at five different uses for hologram labels so you can see just how versatile they are!

Security purposes

Security holograms are extremely hard to replicate, as they are all created from a master hologram which needs specialist equipment to make. They are used on banknotes in many different countries, as well as in passports and on credit cards. Often companies choose to use security holograms on their products to protect them from counterfeiters. These are just a few of the many security purposes that holograms can be used for.

Medical records and certificates

Official documentation such as medical records and degree certificate printing can also benefit from hologram labels. Adding 3D hologram labels to these documents can help people to authenticate them, as well as protecting the institutions and practices that produced them.

ID and membership cards

Using a hologram on plastic ID or membership cards is an advanced way to keep a premises secure. As it is not possible to duplicate a hologram with a scanner or photocopying tool, this technique can protect organisations that require even the highest level of security. Holograms are integrated onto card as a transparent layer, which can then be easily seen by the naked eye.

Gift vouchers

If a gift voucher contains a holographic sticker then a company can feel confident they are only accepting genuine vouchers. When many vouchers are being distributed companies need to be certain they are only redeeming authentic ones to avoid losing money. This is an innovative way to protect gift vouchers, as opposed to marking each voucher with a specific number or code and checking the numbers against a master list.

Pharma products

Sophisticated counterfeiting techniques have put the pharmaceutical industry at serious risk of fraud. Drugs and packaging are both recreated by criminals, which can be extremely dangerous for consumers. Using holograms on pharma packaging combines both authenticity with traceability and allow manufacturers to see where consignment has been and where it is headed. This is a clever and crucial way to identify the provenance of pharmaceutical products.

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