Unlocking the power of gift voucher printing: your comprehensive guide.

Unlocking the power of gift voucher printing: your comprehensive guide.

If your business seeks to build brand awareness, generate more sales and increase customer loyalty, you might be interested to know that gift vouchers are a great option to consider.

The possibilities are endless with gift vouchers and by choosing to work with a company that specialises in gift voucher printing, you can produce the best ones out there that truly represent your business. So, if you’re wanting more information, read on for everything you need to know about gift voucher printing.

1. Gift vouchers can be a customer loyalty driver.

A key reason to consider gift voucher printing is that customers really do love them! You could use these as a way to offer a percentage of every sale to a good cause. These little incentives can be a great way to boost customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases! Why not send loyal customers a birthday treat through the post- this could be a gift voucher offering a discount on their next order or even a special code to input so they receive a free gift at checkout.

As well as maintaining existing customer loyalty, gift vouchers can be a great way to attract new customers. If a new customer has received on of your gift vouchers as a present, ensure that their experience when spending this is as seamless as possible, then you’re likely to secure another life-long customer.

2. Gift vouchers can be personalised.

It is easier than you think to personalise a printed gift voucher, something that is especially beneficial for customers who are buying them as gits. For examples, the gift card could be customised with a personalised message- you could allow customers to pre-select products or even upload special images too- we’re sure this would make the receiver’s day.

Personalised gift voucher printing is also an innovative way to maximise your direct mail campaigns. Sending an appealing incentive as part of your direct mailer, such as a personalised gift voucher or a discount for online sales, can rapidly increase the chance of a customer taking the next step. Letting your customer know that you think of them helps them to feel valued and will build loyalty.

Food for thought: if you send email newsletters to your customers it’s been proven that personalised emails deliver six times higher transaction rates!

3. Gift vouchers can be protected with holograms.

Unfortunately, the threat of gift voucher fraud is a very real possibility, adding a hologram to your printed gift vouchers can help to protect them from getting into the hands of criminals. Security hologram stickers and foils are incredibly hard to replicate, which acts as a major deterrent.

4. Gift vouchers can help promote your brand.

We know how important your brand is to business, so we’re sure you’ll be pleased to know that your printed gift voucher can be designed to suit your brand guidelines and preferences. Our in-house design studio are experts in tailoring designs to your brand guidelines, all while keeping things professional and creative.

Once your gift voucher is branded up, it’s time to sell. Promoting gift vouchers not only helps to boost sales, but can put forward your brand and gain recognition. Firstly, ensure that your gift vouchers are on display throughout your store. This can help build awareness around your brand and help customers know that they are readily available for purchase.

As well as in-store promotion, you could also promote your branded gift vouchers to your database. When you’ve begun effectively marketing your gift vouchers offline, it’s time to go online. If you have email addresses for your customers, a Facebook page with existing followers or an Instagram account to share images and updates, you should be using all of these channels to promote your vouchers. Talk about your gift vouchers online to raise awareness of them; you’ll soon become the go-to business for people in need of gift vouchers.

5. The presentation of a gift voucher is key.

As we have just mentioned, the look of your gift voucher can be brilliant for promoting your brand. However, it doesn’t stop there. One of the best things about gift voucher printing is that you can make them really stand out. For example, you can choose for them to be housed in a beautifully printed wallet or card, which we’re sure will make the gift voucher even more special for the receiver.

Some great examples of perfectly presented gift vouchers are:

Tiffany’s little blue box.

Anything that comes in a little blue box wrapped with a silk white bow- you know its from Tiffany and Co. Their gift vouchers follow suit, where customers receive a signature turquoise card, packaged up in their luxurious little blue box, finished with a bow. This is a great example of encompassing brand within your gift vouchers, customers will automatically know where it is from!

Quicksilver’s wave gift card.

Quicksilver’s logo revolves around a wave graphic, so what better to include within their gift voucher packing than a 3D wave that encompasses the gift voucher? This one is a great example of creativity that is relative to their brand.

Amazon’s Christmas gift voucher.

Amazon changed it up for the Christmas period, where their usual black logo gift card resembled a Christmas themed snow globe, making it the perfect gift to sit under the tree. Their logo still sat within the design, giving their branding a seasonal touch.

6. Gift vouchers can be used to outshine your competitors.

When offering gift vouchers as a part of your sales strategy, it doesn’t have to be all about the lower price. Offering customers the ease of buying a gift voucher as a present, as well as the convenience for the recipient of being able to simply exchange a voucher for a product or service, is a desirable and popular option for many. If you can create an appealing package as part of your gift voucher offering, customer will be happy to pay the same, or perhaps even more, than they would with your competitors.

When selling gift vouchers you should always try to remember that you are selling an experience. When a customer purchases your gift vouchers they are exposing someone they know to your business, so you should aim to make the experience run as smoothly as possible; nobody wants to hear they have caused displeasure to someone they had intended to please!

So, make it easy for people to cash in their gift vouchers, ensure staff are friendly and welcoming, don’t make it seem as though it is a chore to help non-paying customers. You will also want to ensure that if the gift voucher is redeemed in store, your physical premises looks appealing and cared for.

7. Gift vouchers are a great selling tool.

Got an event coming up like someone’s birthday? Is Christmas around the corner? Gift vouchers are the perfect gift for those who are unsure what to give. If a customer comes into store and can’t make their mind up on a gift, a voucher is the perfect point of call. Some vouchers are even tailored to such events, with birthday messages and Christmas graphics within the design.

Once a gift card has been purchased, it is then all about the up-sell. When a customer comes to store wanting to spend their voucher, sales associates gave the perfect opportunity to up-sell their products, greater than the value of the voucher, increasing the sales for the company.

Experiencing a slow season? A promotional gift voucher may be the way of getting customers through the door to make a purchase. Offerings such as percentage discounts or £5 off vouchers can drive customers to buy from you, boosting sales.


Gift voucher printing can be extremely beneficial for businesses wanting to boost sales, brand awareness and outshine competitors. If you’re interested in hearing more about Hague’s gift voucher printing services, send us a message using our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss further.