Five expert tips to grab peoples’ attention with direct mail

Five expert tips to grab peoples’ attention with direct mail

When questioning how to market your business, you might be tempted to go down the easy route of digital marketing. After all, setting up a Facebook advert can take just a few minutes and several clicks of a mouse. However, if you really want to get your consumers’ attention, you should also be using direct mail. With a potential response rate of 5%, direct mail is still among the most effective tools in your brand’s marketing toolbox.

Below are five tips from our expert team to help you grab peoples’ attention with your direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Think fast

You only have about eight seconds to make a lasting impression on your target consumer. This makes it all the more important to make your direct mail visually appealing. Use bold colours and original images (not overused photos from stock photo websites). Make sure your headline is easy to read and quickly communicates a message that can be understood in those crucial eight seconds.

2. Know your audience

The most effective direct mail campaigns are centred around the target audience. The better you know who you are speaking to, the better you can speak to them. Who purchases your goods or services? It is better to send your direct mailer to 700 of your existing or prospective buyers than 7,000 random people.

3. Get creative

If anything, stock images could be more likely to put someone off responding to your direct mail. They could be perceived to convey a sense of unoriginality, so instead, take some unique photos yourself or employ a graphic designer to create something custom for you. When you use print management companies, they often have access to a designer who you will be able to use.

4. Keep it clear

When it comes to direct mail, it’s best not to overcomplicate your message. People need to quickly understand what you want them to do or what you need them to know. So convey your message in clear, simple language and use bullet points where possible so that your benefits are quickly communicated.

5. Decide on size

Size really does matter with direct mail. Flats have been shown to have a response rate of 6.6% while letters have 4.3% (that 2.3% can make a big difference on your ROI!). If you want to get the best ROI from your direct mail campaign, you should decide on a format that will work best for your campaign. Think about your goals and objectives and what size you will need to best address them.

Not sure how to tackle the five tips above by yourself? Our expert print management team can handle your direct mail campaign from start to finish. All you need to do is get in touch.

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