Fake degrees are becoming a problem for the “selfie generation”

Fake degrees are becoming a problem for the “selfie generation” -->

Fake degrees are becoming an ever-increasing problem for the “selfie-generation” who become victims of fraud after taking photos with their certificates.

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Fraudsters are targeting graduating students who post photos on social media with the certificate. Students are now being urged to refrain from posting such photos online as it exposes them to companies who counterfeit degree certificates. The desire to share most of our lives online is fuelling this multimillion-dollar trade as it is only becoming easier to create detailed copies according to Jayne Rowley, chief executive of the HEDD service.

Supposedly, little needs to be done to suggest to others that it’s a real degree certificate – merely changing the name after taking a copy from the photograph.

Last year, a company in Pakistan was shut down after they allegedly made millions of pounds selling fake university degrees. A quick Google search allows you to fall upon a multitude of websites that promise degree certificates that look identical to the original.

Universities are slowly beginning to combat this by adding bespoke security features after recruitment companies, students and the university bodies themselves were becoming concerned.

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