Don’t Let Counterfeiting Dilute Your Brand!

Don’t Let Counterfeiting Dilute Your Brand! -->

When your drinks brand’s value is key to its success, you don’t want its reputation diluted by the sale of counterfeit alcohol.

It is estimated that the counterfeit alcohol trade leads to a loss of $1bn in revenues within the drinks industry every year, according to The International Federation of Spirits Producers.

But it’s not all about revenue, drinks brands’ reputations’ become stained too, when counterfeit traders are re-using dirty bottles and cans to refill, which undoubtedly creates a number of health risks.

That’s where companies are turning to Brand protection services to help them keep in control of their brand; by creating a consistent image, and building consumer trust in their brand. This, coupled with new technology, allows brands’ to track their products, and enforce against counterfeits that appear on shelves or online around the world. This is where Hague can help.

Hague Print offer a range of tailor made products and services that can assist in eliminating the counterfeiting of your company brand. Hague are experts in brand protection, using a range of security features as well as the latest security technology.

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