Could your restaurant benefit from stock rotation labels?

Could your restaurant benefit from stock rotation labels?

Anyone who has ever picked up a foodborne illness knows that there are few things worse. As a restauranteur, it is your responsibility to protect your customers by ensuring that your food is bacteria free. Stock rotation labels are the best way to ensure your inventory remains fresh and visitors to your restaurant leave with nothing more than a full belly.

There are countless benefits to having a process for food rotation in a restaurant. Labelling and dating all food products can help you to save money, reduce food waste and keep your kitchen organised.

How do stock rotation labels do this?

A well-managed food rotation process will allow your employees to know which food to use first. By labelling items which enter the restaurant first and using them before new inventory, you can cut back on the amount of food waste produced in your restaurant, meaning that stock rotation labels can be your first defence against unnecessary expenditure.

Stock rotation labels are also the simplest way to organise your inventory. Streamlining the process with simple, cost-effective labels will prevent items from being poorly organised which in turn means that your staff will be able find what they need precisely when they need it. Time is of the essence in a busy kitchen which means these handy labels can help you to prepare your food without a glitch.

If someone falls ill after eating in your establishment, it’s your responsibility. With stock rotation labels, you can feel confident that everything you are serving is fresh and at its best quality. This peace of mind allows you to focus on the task at hand and confidently run your business knowing there is minimal risk of foodborne illnesses.

Now that you understand how useful stock rotation labels can be, it’s time to decide on the label kind that’s best suited to your requirements. There are different shapes, sizes and finishes that can suit your specific needs. A member of our expert team can help you to make these decisions, simply fill in our online enquiry form and once we have your details, we will contact you to arrange a free consultation.