Ask a printing specialist: What is print on demand and how can I use it for my business?

Ask a printing specialist: What is print on demand and how can I use it for my business?

We asked an expert printing specialist: What is printing on demand?

You will know as a business owner that there’s nothing more frustrating than wastage. Having excess inventory with no way to shift it is an expensive and tricky situation to find yourself in.

Fortunately, print on demand services are growing fast and becoming more available which is great news for startups and young businesses.

Read on if you’re still not sure what ‘print on demand’ actually means and how you can use it for your business…

Print on demand is a productional model that means printed materials are created as and when needed. It’s the ‘pay as you go’ of the printing industry.

Initially used by the publishing industry to counteract massive overheads, it means that small businesses no longer need to fork out fortunes on bulk print runs. Instead they have the option to print on demand when need increases, printing rapidly when a customer requires the material rather than having a surplus of stock which you have to store somewhere.

Growing in popularity

While the model was initially reserved for the publishing industry, printing on demand is now common for many different sectors. This is because there are many advantages when it comes to on-demand services.

For example, costs associated with creating and storing inventory are also reduced as you don’t need to pay for storage space. There are also no upfront manufacturing fees so you save on those initial costs.

A member of the Hague team can talk you through print on demand benefits in more detail.

Customise and improve

If you are printing marketing materials such as brochures for your business, print on demand can be a great solution that allows you to deliver materials when needed. You can also customise the materials before each production, amending and improving with each project rather than being lumped with a bulk print that you can’t make any changes to.

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