Special Edition: Women in Print

Special Edition: Women in Print

Megan Davies

Security Print Manager

Quick summary of your career in Print to-date

I started my career at the Hague Group, 9 years ago ( wow that has gone by quickly!)

It was a very quick process, as I found out the same day that I got the job as the Account Manager in the Security print team. BOOM…. my career in print had begun!

Working within the Security print team, I have learnt a lot about the print industry, growing my knowledge and advancing my sales skills to meet my sales target year on year. In December 2018, my career advanced, as I was given the exciting opportunity to manage the Security print team. After interviewing for the job, I was successful and started in my new role, Security Print Manager.

What you love about your job and the industry

I thoroughly enjoy what I do, being an Account Manager in Security print, involves managing over 100 UK Universities, Award bodies and chartered intuitions. I develop and maintain 34 southern universities clients in my portfolio.

I have successfully managed this sector of the business for the past 9 years. I have built excellent relationships with all my clients and always go above and beyond for my clients, offering outstanding customer service. I have built extensive knowledge of the security print industry and specialise in the production of holograms, secure documents and PremierCert/ +.

I am a people person and relish building relationships with my clients, working and winning tenders, to develop new business.

Being a manager, my team’s growth, development, and success in our sector is at the forefront of my mind. I work very closely with my team to ensure we all advance together, getting the most out of the SP team and keeping morale up!

A key part of my role as a manager is keeping my team motivated, and focused on the job at hand, pushing to hit all our targets.

Working with colleagues you get on with and have great work relationships, makes work more FUN!

Why should people consider a career in the print industry?

Print is everywhere…

It’s an essential key industry…

Print helps us communicate & stay connected!

Without the printing industry, life as we know it would be almost impossible.

Therefore, having a job in the print industry is a sure thing, jobs in print are not going to disappear anytime soon. There will always be great career prospects for those seeking to get into print.

Walk into any print factory and those great machines will be clattering away all day and every day. Indeed, sometimes there are only a few minutes of silence when the current run has finished until the new job is loaded and the noise resumes.

So to conclude, it is safe to say that if you are considering a career in the printing industry, you will have a job for life!