Voucher printing services can make your office more eco-friendly

Voucher printing services can make your office more eco-friendly

Starting up a green initiative in your workplace doesn’t need to mean higher costs. Devising a more sustainable business practice will be good for both your office and the environment. If you’re thinking about going green then there are a few easy ways to get started. For example, if your business requires coupons then finding voucher printing services and having all of your vouchers printed in bulk could use less packaging than if you make regular orders. You could even ask if your voucher printing services could use recycled paper.

Conserve energy

Choose energy saving products and replace individual printers and scanners with a multi-purpose product that can do everything. This will help you to cut energy as you don’t have to supply power to multiple devices.

Double-sided printing

Make sure your computers’ printing settings are set up to print on both sides when documents are sent to a printer. Many printers will automatically provide double-sided printing, whereas others will have to be set up manually. This can help to reduce overuse of paper, a common problem in workplaces.

Start up a cycle scheme

Encouraging your employees to cycle to work can be an excellent way to help look after the environment. Signing up to the government’s Cycle to Work scheme can promote healthier living and reduce carbon emissions. For employees who don’t already have a bicycle, companies like Cycle Scheme can rent out bikes eventually allowing the employee to purchase it at a fraction of the price.

Live healthier

Instead of doing your office’s weekly shop from a major supermarket why not contact a local independent grocery store and ask if they can deliver your milk and fruit. Adding plants to your office can also help to filter the air, while getting rid of toxic cleaners can reduce damage to the environment.

Become wise with waste

It’s easy to use an entire kitchen roll before you even know it. Switching to cloth towels and napkins which are regularly washed can stop wastage. You may also want to ban bottled water in the workplace, instead keep pitchers of cold water in the fridge and use excess water to water plants rather than just pouring it down the drain.

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