Vendors in Italy Caught Selling Counterfeit Goods Face Fines

Vendors in Italy Caught Selling Counterfeit Goods Face Fines -->

Holidaymakers in Italy could face with large fines if they buy from unauthorised beach vendors.

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Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior minister, is preparing a ruling called Safe Beaches which could limit vendor’s selling freedoms. Additionally, those selling counterfeit goods could be faced with fines of up to €15,500.

This new decree, Mr Salvini argues, would help protect legitimate businesses being damaged from vendors selling fake brands and evading tax. This trading is supposedly adding up to €22bn a year in Italy, to which tax authorities are losing out on.

However, it isn’t just the vendors that will be impacted. Tourists can be at risk of fines too if they accept tattoos, massages and other goods from vendors.

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