Using voucher printing software to grow business in 2016

Using voucher printing software to grow business in 2016

As technology rapidly advances, businesses are always looking for ways to leverage it in order to grow. Capitalise on the latest technological opportunities, from mobile apps to voucher printing software, to help your business thrive.

Create a social content calendar

In 2014, 81% of SMEs were using social media but for many businesses more used to traditional methods of marketing and communicating with customers, this can be a real struggle. Deciding what to post and looking for interesting content to share can be time consuming, so instead of doing it “on the fly” set a couple of hours aside and plan a month in advance. This way you won’t waste time hunting for content to grow and maintain your customer relationships and you can schedule the majority of your posts at the beginning of the month to save time.

User Generated Content

You may or may not have heard of UGC (user-generated content) but it’s the biggest thing to happen to marketing since social media. 81% of customers search online before making the decision to buy, reading through customer reviews and seeing what people are saying on social media. This is called user-generated content. Encourage your customers to leave reviews of your products on your website, review sites or social media to give prospective customers the faith they need to purchase from you.

Voucher printing software

Use voucher printing software to print your own gift vouchers, increasing sales and generating new business. Voucher printing software can be a cost effective way to boost business, but remember that you will also have to purchase the materials to print vouchers, so it may be more financially savvy to seek out professional voucher printing services.

Make your life easier: Automate!

Nobody wants to be the one in charge or reordering toner or arranging the online food shop so that there’s milk in the fridge. Where possible, automate these jobs. Set up an automated reorder to save time, money and any unnecessary squabbles that may arise when someone gets given a tedious task!

These are just a few of the ways you can use technology and voucher printing software to grow your business in 2016. Enquire now if you’d prefer to talk your voucher needs through with us and see how we can help.