Use voucher printing services to leverage your e-commerce site

Use voucher printing services to leverage your e-commerce site

If you have launched or are planning to launch an e-commerce website then you may be wondering how you are going to promote it. You probably think going digital means that you should do all your promotion online, but offline methods are still as relevant as they always were.

Whether you choose to use voucher printing services or print a distributable catalogue, there are multiple ways you can use print to leverage your e-commerce site.

Print still matters

Traditional marketing methods are still, in many instances, more engaging for consumers than digital media. The tactility of feeling the paper gives the recipient more of a memorable interaction with your business. You also have to give the visual elements more thought, for instance considering how your logo looks in print.

Above all, consumers find print media more credible than digital. By regularly distributing well designed print marketing materials you’ll show your audience you’re serious about your business and promoting it in a professional and considered way.

Boost e-commerce sales

There are a wide range of innovative ways you can use print to boost your e-commerce site. If you provide products you may wish to create a catalogue, showcasing your stock in its best light and providing a link for people to purchase online. There are also mobile apps like Pounce that can help your shoppers to interact digitally with your catalogue, allowing them to shop by taking photos and turning their smartphone camera into a buy button.

Another way you can use print to increase e-commerce sales is by using voucher printing software to create promo code vouchers. Using discount coupons can be a powerful tool to create a spike in sales, and can be used throughout the year to promote different products or services. You may wish to distribute the vouchers at the point of sale, or include them in any packaging you send out to encourage future purchases.

Increase social media following

In addition to boosting your e-commerce sales, print marketing can also help to increase your overall online presence. Distributing flyers, printing posters or even designing a billboard ad can be effective ways to drive traffic to your social media channels. Use a strong call-to-action, such as ‘Follow us on Facebook’ followed by your Facebook page name, to encourage users to connect with you online. Once they have followed you you will be able to keep in touch with them on a more regular basis, letting them know about the products or services available on your e-commerce site.

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