Treat your Clients to a Personalised Christmas Gift

Treat your Clients to a Personalised Christmas Gift

Christmas gifts can play a key role in your company’s marketing strategy. They’re an ideal way to show your clients that you remember them and, most importantly, that you appreciate their custom. It’s a way to strengthen brand loyalty as well as to promote your brand identity. 

Christmas is a time to thank people for their previous business, as well as to encourage them to use your products and services again in the coming year. Promotional print products can be useful throughout the year but at Christmas, they can give your business an added seasonal marketing edge. 

Why are personalised Christmas gifts such a great idea for businesses?

They’re an excellent marketing opportunity

Creating thoughtful Christmas gifts for your clients is a great means by which to make your company stand out from the crowd. When you send promotional products such as mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, or umbrellas, you’re giving the recipients something tangible to remind them about your brand and what you offer. 

Go the extra mile

Lots of companies send Christmas cards to their customers, fewer send gifts. When you opt to send a Christmas gift it’s likely your business will elevate in the hearts and minds of your customer base. 

You show that you’re a business that cares about its customers. What’s more, you’re hopefully providing them with something they might find useful. Every time someone uses your company branded mug, pen, calendar etc., they’re reminded about your business. 

Showcase your branding

If you’ve invested time and money in your branding, you’ve got a great logo, use cool fonts, and have an image you’re proud of, then Christmas gifts give you the chance to show it off. By printing your company logo or other business images on products, you’re showcasing your brand and attaching it to items that your customers can find useful.

They’re a great way to reconnect

Many business clients and individual customers may well receive a high volume of business Christmas cards and other seasonal mail at this time of year, so it’s easy for communications to get lost in the crowd. When a gift arrives however, it stands out and provides an eye catching and impactful reminder to customers that your business exists and what it can offer. It’s also an effective way to re-engage with customers you’ve not heard from for a while and re-emphasises that you value their business and can re-open the conversation about business in the future. 

How can you use personalised Christmas gifts?

Gifts can be sent to existing or past clients, as a surprise to new customers along with their first order, or they might be a way to try and gain new business. Having personalised gifts at hand allows you some leeway in how you use them. They might be sent to everyone on your customer list, or you could use them more selectively. Having gifts at hand gives you options, and not just at Christmas time.

Choose Hague for your personalised gifts

At Hague, we’re experts when it comes to personalised promotional print items. We can provide pens, notebooks, umbrellas, and mugs, as well as a range of unexpected items such as engraved glass, fabric, metal, or plastics. We can also provide you with completely bespoke items.

If you’re considering sending personalised Christmas gifts this year, then we’d love to hear from you.

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