This is why 3D holograms are must-haves!

This is why 3D holograms are must-haves!

3D holograms have become more and more ubiquitous over the last few years, with some of the world’s biggest brands embracing the technology. And with good reason too! Hologram stickers are now commonly used to give a product its carefully constructed identity, as well as protecting it from the risk of counterfeiting. They really give a product the look and feel of high quality and originality, which is why they are used by many businesses and even governments and credit card companies.

Highly secure and cost-effective

This category of security stickers can make a real difference to original products, helping to differentiate them from others already on the market. If you are dedicated to making your product stand out, as well as making sure counterfeiters cannot replicate products, then 3D holograms are just what you need.

One of the best qualities of hologram stickers is that they are fully customisable, which means you can design bespoke 3D holograms that say something unique about your product or business. They come in all shapes and sizes, from circular to rectangular, and can provide your product with an interesting and individual label that meets both aesthetic and security criteria.

On top of this, the addition of a security holographic label to include on your products can give you peace of mind. These stickers are incredibly hard to replicate, as they require the use of expensive machinery and the master hologram which can be carefully controlled, so you can feel confident no-one will be able to create counterfeit holograms.

Another huge benefit of 3D holograms is that they create a lasting impression of your product. First impressions are the most important (or so they say!), so you want to make sure the first thing your consumer thinks is positive. A hologram sticker can look very impressive, and is also extremely impactful. A well-designed hologram will linger in the mind of your consumers all the way from the shelf to the checkout!

Hague is a long-time member of the respected International Hologram Manufacturers Association, and for many years now we have been supplying individually designed, bespoke holograms to companies and organisations around the globe. Our holograms don’t just address all of your individual security concerns, they also look beautiful on your products and give them a special edge that will impress your consumers and protect your assets.

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