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We have been working with Hague for years now. They are always really efficient and friendly when replying to queries and are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure our request is completed. They always make sure that our depots are supplied quickly and if we ever hit low stock counts make sure we are aware before we hit a critical level so we can proactively order more in advance. They also manage our seasonal peaks by looking at current stocks, predicting the average order volume by depot and looking at the usage last year to advise whether we should order earlier to ensure we get the stock in on time. Finally Hague are always proactive when it comes to trying to keep our prices down by looking for alternatives or suggesting cost saving initiatives. They are a great partner and we continue to value their excellent customer service

Quotation Mark
Business Change Manager
Quotation Mark

Hague has provided an excellent service to M&S logistics over a number of years now. They are not only competitive in the market with prices along with sourcing but provide additional solutions in developing new and bespoke products to support our ever changing network. There is a real sense of integrity, commitment and honesty working with Hague Contrac that gives the confidence they will deliver as they say. A great team to work with! service has been useful with speedy delivery of supplies (less than 24 hours following request).

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John Fung, Manager - Clothing & Home Logistics

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Driven by excellent service, Melanie still works with customers who have been with her since she started back in 1998. We’re not surprised that she’s a record holder – she still has the title of her school’s shot-put champion.

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