Stock rotation labels reduces obsoletism

Stock rotation labels reduces obsoletism

One of the main motives for stock rotation is so that a business can sell older products more quickly than new ones. This is to reduce wastage and also ensure you don’t end up selling items that may have expired. Obsoletism is one of the biggest costs for businesses and can seriously hinder profits. Stock rotation labels are one cost-effective and efficient way to reduce the chance of obsolete stock.

The idea behind stock rotation is to give customers the nudge they need to buy the items that are visible at the front of a shelf. For example, if you are the owner of a grocery store you always want the customer to buy the milk at the front of the shelf which has the nearest expiration date, reducing the chance it will go to waste.

There are various techniques for stock rotation. Here are just five of the most common:

  • First in, first out: This is the first rule when it comes to successful stock rotation. Always make sure older items are positioned first
  • When new stock comes in always put it to the back of the store, or the back of the shelf, to promote first in, first out
  • Make a note of the receipt-date and use-by date on items as they come in
  • Record the use-by date on non-perishables as they are opened
  • Keep a record of all production dates and use by dates on any food items that may not be served straight away

If you work with food, stock rotation labels can help you to make sure your food rotation program is up to scratch. Not only will using them save you money but it will also reduce food waste and help you to keep organised. You can also feel confident that you are working to eliminate food borne illnesses and prevent cross contamination.

You may think it might be easier to just use masking tape and a marker pen, but it is not intended to interact with water and can harbour dangerous bacteria and contaminants, so it’s much safer to get purpose made stock rotation labels.

Find out more about the stock rotation labels we can provide you with. We can design custom labels on a roll that can be used to reduce obsoletism and keep your profits on track.

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