Six printing trends for 2015

Six printing trends for 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, we have a look at what might be coming up in the world of printing for 2015. Here’s six trends to look out for next year…

1. Print interactivity on the up

Interactivity – through QR codes or augmented reality – will continue to add an extra dimension to commercial printing and packaging. Case in point, a new printable business card has just been launched that also includes a QR code, USB stick and NFC chip and so has a new form of interactive, intelligent paper. The future is print, but it’s interactive.

2. 3D printing trends continue to evolve

3D printing remains a novelty, but sales are expected to grow in 2015 as more uses for 3D printing are experimented with. Beyond uses like printing toys, 3D printing will start to be utilised more by medical and manufacturing firms.

3. More print innovation to come

Like we’ve seen throughout 2014, innovation is likely to continue to be a key theme in 2015. Look out for new ways of securing printed documents, ways to print on new materials, and new ways to create inks.

4. Sustainability reigns

The print industry already has a big focus on sustainability and there’s no sign of that going away. The paper industry already plants three times as many trees as it uses, and new technology will focus on lowering impacts on the environment even more, with new initiatives to help printers reduce their carbon footprint.

5. A growth in industrial printing

FESPA recently reported on the demand for printing solutions from industry. The uses are varied but include printing on furniture, clothing and cars. Personalisation is a big theme, with firms looking for printing solutions to create a bespoke print on their products. For example, car manufacturer Fiat is printing personalised designs onto car dashboards.

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