Should you always print stock certificates?

Should you always print stock certificates?

With the option to buy digital stock certificates it can be tempting to never own the physical form of a certificate again. But think about this: if you plan to pass your certificates on (such as transferring stock certificates), it may be preferable to print stock certificates so people have a tangible version. In fact, you yourself may once have been on the receiving end of inheriting or finding a stock certificate yourself.

Key information on stock certificates

If you are planning to print stock certificates, there are a few key pieces of information you will need to include on them. First of all, you should make sure that the company name and location is clearly visible on the certificate, as well as the name of whoever the security has been registered to. This information is extremely important and should be located on the face of the certificate.

The company’s CUSIP number should also be included, as this provides very important information that helps people to find a certain security, it is essentially the DNA of the shares. Every security has its own number, and any changes or splits are filed using it. If a company decides to change its name, it is also assigned a new CUSIP number, but the original number will always be recorded so people will be able to trace the security.

It’s also vital to provide the location of the company. It is likely that over the years this may change, but if you print stock certificates that feature the location it can provide a last resort for people who are attempting to track it down.

All this information allows people to more easily track down the transfer agent. This can be done by getting in touch with the company, but if people are unable to do this easily then this information provides a starting place for their investigation. All being well (the company still being public), people will be able to quickly value their shares and find out exactly how much their stock certificate is worth.

So, to sum up, it is always worthwhile to print stock certificates so that people have a document they can use if they are no longer able to access it digitally. Here at Hague, we print secure certificates for over a hundred universities and awarding bodies around the globe, and can provide a unique and flexible approach to each customer’s individual needs and requirements.

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