Cheque Scanning Solutions

Scan, capture and process cheques and other documents in seconds.

Simplify and streamline cheque management with Solchar TJ, Hague’s cheque scanning and processing product.

Solchar TJ is the UK market leader in scalable imaging solutions.

We help organisations to digitally transform and manage transactional documents through our cheque scanners and processing software.

Solchar TJ captures and processes documents for the payments industry such as cheques, credits and transactional documents used by banks, building societies, businesses and charities.

Cheque payments are undergoing revolutionary change in the UK where the new Image Clearing System enables faster clearing of funds for everyone.

You can maximise the operational enhancements afforded by the new payment technologies and learn how Solchar TJ creates solutions that deliver lasting and profitable benefits for your organisation.

Gift Aid

For charities, Solchar TJ scans, processes and archives Gift Aid Declarations for easy processing and retrieval.

Solchar TJ records the donor’s wish to use gift aid, stores their letter of authority and ensures easy retrieval of necessary proof when required. This provides the necessary archive and audit trails for qualifying donations.


Cheque Scanning Solutions

Additional Information:

Features Include:

  • E13-B and CMC-7 Capabilities
  • Front and back scanning
  • Endorsing the cheque
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • 35 – 155 cheques scanner per minute
  • Cheque auto feed

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