Revolutionary new material set to overtake 3D holograms

Revolutionary new material set to overtake 3D holograms

Scientists have developed a new material that can make a 2D object look three dimensional even when viewed under normal light, the Daily Mail reports.

Unlike 3D holograms, this groundbreaking material works regardless of the angle at which it is viewed, meaning it could revolutionise many applications such as those used for cameras and security as it would be possible to produce better and more realistic images.

The researchers behind the development have created 2D surfaces which are covered with minute objects, just millionths of a millimetre wide, and that can appear as lifelike 3D figures. Unlike holograms, which need a special light source to become visible, the surfaces, named ‘metasurfaces’ require only regular light which they manipulate in order to create an image.

Being able to control light in this way means that these metasurfaces could play an important role in the future of tech, for instance new televisions or smartphones that could be available to consumers without a hefty price tag. The viewer would be able to move around the screen which continues to appear the same, no matter the angle at which it is viewed.

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