Printed voucher books for educational institutions

Printed voucher books for educational institutions

It’s the start of a new academic year and students are getting ready for a busy year of learning and development. Some may have moved to a new school and are getting used to a new setting and making new friends. Older students may be looking forward to sitting their A-levels and making plans for what happens after that.

Whatever stage your students are at, they need regular support and encouragement. There are many ways you can show praise to students; stickers (for younger students), certificates, medals or trophies and gift cards or vouchers.

What is a voucher book?

In a busy setting like a school or college, vouchers can easily be misplaced or lost, so many prefer to use vouchers books. Vouchers books can be printed on high-quality paper or card if a thicker material is required. Also, the vouchers are perforated allowing for safe storage and easy removal – something we’re sure busy teachers will appreciate!

How can voucher books be used by educational institutions?

Printed voucher books are popular with educational institutions as they allow for a variety of vouchers to be bulked together into one booklet. For instance, book tokens, discount vouchers for the cinema or theatre or a free music download can be grouped into one book. This means schools or colleges don’t have to worry about keeping lots of separate vouchers safe.

If you’re looking to have a voucher book printed, here are some things to consider:

  • If you’re designing a voucher book, use a template which allows for the correct placement of the perforations
  • How many voucher books you’ll need will depend on how many students you have and how often the vouchers are awarded. So, take both of these into consideration when placing your order, as it’s usually more cost-effective to order in bulk
  • Some suppliers will require terms and conditions to be printed on the back of the voucher. It’s important to factor this in as it may affect your final design

With over three decades of printing experience, we’re one of the leading suppliers of printed voucher books. We can work with you whether you have a finalised design or even if you’re not sure how you want the vouchers to look, our in-house designers can create a unique design for you.

Send us a message using our contact form and an experienced member of our print team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.