Print vs digital: Fives places print still works better

Print vs digital: Fives places print still works better

It’s true that companies are spending more on digital marketing, but does that herald the end of print advertising? The print vs digital battle has been waging for years now but that doesn’t mean that print is dead. In fact, print will continue to be more valuable than digital in many important areas.

Here are five places where print really comes into play and can be a more effective asset for your business.

Stores and events

Wherever you are able to come into physical contact with your consumers, you should employ printed marketing materials. Retail stores and events are the perfect venues to distribute brochures and flyers; direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to share any message, particularly with an older demographic who are most likely to read long-form marketing items.

Trusted publications

The tangibility of glossy magazines and major publications still make them prime real estate for advertisements, advertorials and native articles. People like the look and feel of physical publications, they still carry a lot of trust – more so than the internet. In fact, 82% of people trust print ads when making a purchasing decision compared to 25% who trust digital popups.

Public transport

People will do nearly anything to pass the time while trundling along on public transport. It’s also where they are most likely to read the print ads they are bombarded with. Give them something to distract themselves with – people will even be more likely to read long-form copy in this unique environment. Need further proof? 7 out of 10 people say they take the time to notice advertising on the underground while 65% of them believe advertising on the London Underground isn’t as intrusive as other advertising.

In the bathroom

Think about it: the bathroom is one of the only places you have a truly captive audience. A typical trip to the loo takes around 40 seconds, which gives you a decent amount of time to deliver your message. People are also positive about receiving messages from your business while doing their business. 96% of people who are exposed to advertising whilst in the bathroom are either positive or not bothered by it.

In the pub

Beer mat advertising is a smart way to reach over 18s as well as catch people when they are in a good mood and receptive to marketing. Pubs are well visited by a broad range of people – get just one of them engaged by your branded beer mat and it’s more than likely they’ll show it around to the people they’re with (and perhaps even snap and share on social media).

At Hague, we offer a wide range of printed solutions that can help you to market your business. Get in touch to speak to a member of our team who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.