New print technology from CES 2015

New print technology from CES 2015

The International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, the world’s biggest and most famous technology show, took place this year in Las Vegas. Amongst all the big TVs and drones there’s also been some new print technology presented. Here’s some of the new printing technology that has been announced in the last few days…

Polaroid zip

Polaroid have reinvented themselves as a printer manufacturer and are launching a new portable printer called Zip this year. The new print technology is designed to replicate the effect of a polaroid picture in the digital age. Contained in a small box (an inch thick and less than 200 grams), Zip can print up to 25 photos on the go from smartphones. It works using Polaroid zero-ink printing paper so printer cartridges aren’t required, however it does need charging between uses.

Zuta Robo printer

Another small and portable printer comes from Zuta, aimed at students and salespeople on the go. It’s essentially a small robot which moves over the page to print, taking around 40 seconds to print an A4 sheet. It’s never going to replace a proper printer, and the manufacturers say it isn’t designed to, instead it’s for users who only occasionally need to print something – an email confirmation for example – without having the burden of a large printer.

3D printers

Not strictly a “printer” as such but it’s always interesting to have a quick look at what things are being 3D “printed” next. There are 57 different 3D printers being exhibited at CES this year and some of the ones getting the most buzz include a machine that “prints” edible pizza and a pen which allows you to draw 3D objects. Also generating a lot of interest is the Voxel8, which “prints” electronic circuit boards and the MakerBot, which allows “printing” with new composites of limestone, iron and wood.