New laws for personalised gift voucher printing in Ireland

New laws for personalised gift voucher printing in Ireland

If you are an Irish business planning on using personalised gift voucher printing, you should be aware that the laws around gift vouchers are changing.

At present, Irish companies can use personalised gift voucher printing with any number of conditions on their use, plus add personalisation and expiry dates. Some businesses also apply maintenance charges to their gift vouchers, which means a charge is applied the longer the gift voucher is left unused.

In an update to consumer law, the Irish Government is planning to ban the use of expiry dates on personalised gift voucher printing. The changes were unveiled as part of a new Consumer Rights bill by Jobs and Enterprise Minister Richard Bruton. If passed, the new legislation will be brought into force by mid 2016, meaning businesses will have to redesign and reprint their gift vouchers to comply.

The law is being changed in response to complaints from consumer action groups who found that nearly 50% of consumers didn’t use a gift voucher before the expiry date, with one in four not even checking the expiry dates. These groups object to the large number of terms and conditions some retailers are applying to their use.

Both businesses and consumers are able to give their views on the new legislation until August 28th this year. If it comes into force, it will have a big impact on retailers in Ireland, as more than €300 million worth of gift vouchers are sold in Ireland each year.

If you are considering revamping your personalised gift voucher printing ready for the change, you may be interested in our gift voucher printing services. Our designers can create designs for use with and without expiry dates, plus add security features to add additional protection for the retailer, now that consumers will be able to use vouchers for a longer period of time.