MP requests investigation into fraudulently printed university certificates

MP requests investigation into fraudulently printed university certificates

The BBC has reported that an MP is asking for an investigation into fraudulent university certificates being printed in China.

According to Julian Brazier, the Conservative MP for Canterbury and Whitstable, counterfeit degree certificates are being sold online for a number of UK universities. Brazier is concerned the falsified degree certificates, which are being created in China, are dishonest, and could be used to gain entry to the UK or used to secure jobs once in the country.

An investigation by BBC Radio Kent found that certificates for the University of Kent could be purchased for £500. Although the website states the university certificates were for “novelty purposes”, or as “a replacement for lost diplomas”, anyone is able to purchase a certificate from the site. It is not known if the online company is using security printing features on the fraudulent certificates, but in a conversation with a BBC reporter, the owners of the site said, “we can make it the same as the original one, and you can use it to look for a good job”.

The University of Kent said students worked hard to gain their degrees at UK universities and it was very worrying. A University spokesperson said that, “Any employer or other organisation that has doubts about the authenticity of a University of Kent degree certificate is urged to contact us and we will be happy to verify the qualification”.

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