Integrated cards and other benefits of memberships for organisations

Integrated cards and other benefits of memberships for organisations

Membership allows people to express their support for businesses, institutions, entities and other organisations. It helps to create a stronger bond and also ultimately generates more revenue for your business. Integrated cards, or butterfly cards, make it possible for you to create welcome letters with cards to send out to members so that they will have a tangible reminder of their membership to peel out and keep.

If you’re still not sure whether a membership club will benefit your business or not, here are just four reasons you should consider it:

You can offer your customers exclusive benefits

Making your customers feel valued by offering them exclusive deals will create stronger bonds. But be sure to only provide members with perks they will find useful such as money off purchases, member competitions and giveaways, and exclusive out-of-hours shopping or online deals. Including a membership number on integrated cards will give your members a code to easily enter online to redeem these offers.

Membership fees can provide extra revenue

Charging membership fees can create an extra avenue to generate more revenue. You may wish to offer different levels of membership inclusivity, for example concessionary rates for senior citizens or bronze, silver and gold membership options. Customers can decide themselves which membership best suits them, but outlining the benefits of each in detail and showcasing just what’s on offer will encourage customers to choose a more inclusive plan.

Increase customers by membership referrals

Asking existing members to refer friends for membership can make more people aware of your business. Offering rewards as incentives for referrals, such as a free gift or money off membership fees, will encourage members to spread the word about your business providing you with positive PR at a minimal cost.

Membership with integrated cards can create a digital database

Ensuring your members provide an email address as part of the sign up process will allow you to send direct marketing emails to members. Email marketing is a very effective way of directing members to your website, letting them know about exclusive deals and nurturing an existing relationship.

With all of these benefits there’s really no excuse not to start a membership scheme for your business or organisation! And with the help of integrated cards you can generate maximum effect from a single printed item. Our experienced team can provide you with a consultation to help you meet your specific requirements, click here to enquire and find out more