How to choose the right paper stock for your direct mail

How to choose the right paper stock for your direct mail

Choosing the right paper stock for your direct mail campaign is one of the most crucial decisions in the overall design process. The right choice can make or break the campaign, so make sure that you are informed about your options before deciding.

’But how many options can there possibly be?’, we hear you asking! Well, there’s a paper stock for nearly every characteristic you can think of, and if you choose well your direct mail will end up making an impact rather than ending up in the bin. Aim to choose a paper stock that has fridge appeal: something that people want to stick up on their fridges as a regular reminder of your business.

To make the decision, you should familiarise yourself with the different kinds of paper stock. The most common kinds are listed below.

Gloss coated stock

This is paper which has been applied with a coating that appears glossy or silky. This high-quality stock tends to be shiny and is ideal for the reproduction of photographs and images in terms of colour and sharpness of detail.

Matte coated stock

Matte stock doesn’t reflect light in the way that glossy coated stock does and may even appear slightly mottled. This makes it easier for people to read larger amounts of copy as the light rays are not being directed back to the reader.

Dull coated stock

This dull finish coated paper has a smooth surface that is low in gloss. This dull finish adds durability while its weight makes it feel high quality. It is well suited to detailed, sharp printing without a shiny finish.

Linen stock

Linen stock has a cloth-like feel with subtle grooves – it’s an elegant paper with the look and feel of linen that easily soaks up ink. You probably recognise it best from high-quality business cards and wedding invitations.

Soft touch paper stock

This one is technically a finish but it renders the paper with a velvety texture that feels soft to the touch. It increases the tactile appeal of the paper and allows a printed piece to stand out with its plush texture.

Uncoated stock paper

Papers which haven’t first been coated, this tends to be duller and rougher than coated paper. It doesn’t reflect light which means it gives off no glare.

Remember – whichever paper stock you choose should match your product or service. If you are selling high end products then you should choose a paper that reflects this; if your business is promoting itself as a budget option, then the direct mail should communicate that.

Speak to one of our expert printers who can help you decide which paper stock to use for your direct mail campaign. We can also help you to decide on the appropriate paper weight which plays an important role in its durability. Enquire now and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a free consultation.