How Hague’s e-liquid packaging solutions can help boost your reputation, market position and sales

How Hague’s e-liquid packaging solutions can help boost your reputation, market position and sales

With quitting smoking continuing to be high on the public health agenda, smoke-free public areas now very much the norm, and the recent reports that smokers tend to develop more serious Coronavirus symptoms than non-smokers, it’s little wonder that more and more people are kicking the habit.

Many of these new ‘ex-smokers’ need support and less damaging alternatives to help them quit cigarettes and reduce their exposure to the harm they do. Clearly, this has provided significant opportunities in the fast-growing vape industry. However, it also presents a challenge for new emerging brands and start-ups who want to make an impact in this highly competitive market.

If you’re launching a new e-liquid brand and want to stand out and claim your much-deserved share of the market, you’ll need to showcase your products in the best way possible. It will be critical for you to develop your brand’s reputation and demonstrate that you offer authentic, approved products that can be trusted.

How do you do that? A couple of things to certainly consider are both the quality of your printed packaging and the features it incorporates to reassure consumers of the dependability of the product inside.

Here are four reasons why you should consider choosing the team here at Hague to develop and provide your e-liquid packaging:

1. You’ll better showcase your brand

Even if you’re not creatively minded, we can help you find the best customer e-liquid packaging solution to showcase your brand and create stand-out in a crowded market.

With our bespoke and customisable designs, a wide range of available materials including foil, clear vinyl, semi-gloss and silver polyprop, both permanent and semi-permanent adhesives and even peel and reveal labels, you’ll attract your target customer’s attention and encourage them to buy.

If that wasn’t enough, we also offer metallic, metallic hot foil and holographic finishes that will take your e-liquid packaging to a whole new level.

2. You’ll prove that you sell high quality products

Your customers want to know that you are a brand they can trust before they part with their cash. They need to see that you’re not selling fake vape liquids that contain impurities, contaminants or ingredients that don’t match what’s written on the label.

The best way you can do this is to include eye-catching authentication holograms on your e-liquid liquid packaging and ensure you have a tactile warning triangle on the bottle to comply with BS/ISO11683.

3. Your products will reach the customer in optimal condition

When you’re transporting your e-cigarette products, you want to protect them as much as possible. Hague’s e-liquid packaging solutions allow you to do just that. We’ve designed them to ensure your e-liquid products stay in place without moving around but aren’t so tightly packed that they get squeezed out of shape or damaged.

Whether you’re posting directly to the customer or creating a POS in your store, we have the perfect packaging solution for you.

4. You’ll better grab your customers attention

Want higher sales? Get your packaging sorted! According to recent research, customers really do ‘judge a book by its cover’. If your e-liquid packaging isn’t professional, eye-catching and expertly designed, they simply won’t buy.

As marketing experts, HubSpot says, “Effective product packaging attracts attention in a positive way and entices consumers to buy. As such, every marketer and entrepreneur needs to understand the power of packaging for driving sales.”

This doesn’t just count for packaging materials either- you need to get everything right from the marketing materials to the POS materials and even the shipping materials if you want to optimise customer experience and sales.

In this respect, we have a huge advantage because we’re experts in the vape industry. We know the regulatory requirements and most importantly, we know what works.

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We provide a bespoke service that can transform your ideas into reality and help you make your mark in this highly competitive market.

At Hague, we combine market knowledge with leading edge print innovation – so if you’re looking for a professional yet affordable e-liquid packaging solution, find out more here or contact us today.