Five uses for holographic stickers

Five uses for holographic stickers

Holographic stickers are highly versatile and provide a cost effective way of protecting, authenticating and promoting products. They are completely customisable, verifiable and difficult to replicate, so it’s no surprise they are regularly utilised by many of the world’s largest companies.

From computer equipment, to food, medicines and security documents, hologram stickers are a flexible way to tag, track, trace, protect and confirm the identity of your products and documents. Here’s five of the most common uses for holographic stickers…

1. Anti-tamper security holographic stickers

Tamper-evident holograms are specifically designed to highlight when attempts are made to remove them, making them ideal for ensuring security of seals on products and asset tagging.

There’s various different designs of tamper-evident stickers, these include:

  • A honeycomb design that’s left behind when the sticker is peeled off
  • Stickers that disintegrate when attempts are made to remove it.
  • A secondary layer that’s revealed when the sticker is peeled off.

2. Brand protection

Popular brands are always at risk from counterfeiters, and holographic stickers provide a convenient yet secure way to protect your products. Personalised holograms can be created that are unique to your brand, making it extremely difficult for others to replicate. In addition, special dyes, called tagganted foils, can be added to the hologram which can only be identified with a special reader.

3. Packaging and promotion

Holograms are great for packaging and promotion as they’re highly visible and will stand out in a crowded shop. Hologram stickers can be added to any type of packaging including boxes, bags and hang tags.

4. Brand enhancement

Many of the most recognisable brands in the world – such as Microsoft and Intel – use holograms on their products. For this reason, adding a hologram to your products can help increase the perceived value of your products and the overall perception of your brand.

5. Authentication

Holographic stickers are frequently used for identification purposes on a huge number of different types of documents, including ID cards, season passes, credit cards and many more. Holograms are difficult to replicate which minimises the risk of fraud. However, as with holograms designed for brand identification, if required, you can also add additional protection with tagganted foils.