E-liquid: Making the most of your packaging

E-liquid: Making the most of your packaging

There are few better things you can do for your long-term health than stopping smoking. It radically reduces your likelihood of developing a range of serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses including a host of different cancers as well as heart disease. In fact, the positive impact of quitting begins to be felt within hours, something which the NHS have underlined as part of this year’s Stoptober campaign.

People are quitting tobacco at increased rates and one of the reasons why is the emergence of vaping as a means to wean yourself off the habit. E-liquid products give smokers a way to gradually reduce their nicotine intake without having to go cold turkey. 

A growing sector

In 2019, the e-liquid market in the UK was worth over £2billion, with another billion expected to be added to that total over the next few years. The market is expanding rapidly with a proliferating range of manufacturers competing for customers. In such a dynamic market it’s important to think about  your branding, as well as ensuring that you meet the required CLP regulation with your labelling and packaging.

Establish your brand identity in a visual market with your packaging

In a crowded marketplace, having a strong, positive brand identity is the key to building loyalty to your products. Not only do they stand out on the shelves, they’re easy for customers to identify when they’re looking for your products in the shop. 

A strong visual identity helps to support brand name recognition. With smart branding, your products can become something that people want to be associated with.

Enhance brand awareness with bespoke e-liquid packaging from Hague

At Hague, we work with some of the leading e-liquid brands to produce bespoke packaging with a real impact. Our e-liquid packaging services  can not only supply you with vape labels and vape packaging but also a comprehensive range of e-liquid printing services, including embellishments and finishes to make your products stand out amongst the competition. 

Over recent years we’ve been a part of the growth of the vaping market and have developed an extensive knowledge of industry requirements. As a result, we now offer advice, support and a one-stop shop for all the labelling and packaging needs of our e-liquid clients. 

Our e-liquid labels are available on a wide range of materials including foil, clear vinyl and metallic. To help prevent counterfeiting, we can incorporate bespoke holograms that can be applied to your packaging. Because of legislation changes, a tactile warning triangle is now required to ensure that your product complies with BS/ISO11683. 

At Hague we’re here to help

We work with some of the UK’s biggest brands, and by using our services you take the hassle out of the packaging development process. We can advise you about what works, what’s required and how best to maximise the impact of your packaging. A strong shelf presence is what will get your product picked up off the shelf by consumers, it is then your amazing product that will keep them coming back for more.

To find out more about our comprehensive range of e-liquid packaging solutions, call +44 (0)1924 244555 or email sales@hague-group.com.