Do we change how we approach direct mail post-GDPR?

Do we change how we approach direct mail post-GDPR? -->

A few years ago, businesses relied on regular direct mail campaigns. Now, people are cautious to turn to direct mail again.

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It is understandable that businesses are concerned. However, people are still very accepting of direct mail. Figures from MarketReach show that 87% of people trust a letter over 48% for email.

It is therefore the perfect time for businesses to reassess how direct mail campaigns can help them in their marketing strategy.

How do you use direct mail under new GDPR regulation?

You need to ensure that people are well-trained and confident; able to deal with the obligation of informing the source of the data if they wish to be removed as opposed to simply deleting them from a mailing list.

Additionally, direct mail campaigns need to be based on legitimate interest and you must be able to demonstrate this to the customer to meet GDPR requirements. Essentially, transparency is key. Ensure that your privacy policy and campaigns make it obvious what you plan to do with someone’s data.

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