Could holographic printing service prevent food fraud?

Could holographic printing service prevent food fraud?

Holographic printing service is vital in the FMCG industry. It adds a high level of security to product packaging and documents as they are very hard to recreate. Holographic printing service technology can be applied to most flexible packaging substrates, including aluminium and Alufoil.

Flexible, secure packaging with a holographic printing service

To protect food that is sold in carton boxes from moisture and other agents including oxygen, it is often packed into holographic sealed foil packaging. This also protects products that may be vulnerable to tampering. Companies can further prevent food fraud by implementing a thorough food defence strategy that takes the whole production line into account and safeguards at every stage.

What is food fraud?

There are many different types of food fraud, for example when food is sold that is unfit or harmful, or the misdescription of food e.g. making false statements about the origin of ingredients. Sometimes you will also see food on the market purporting to be made by a well-known brand, when in fact it is counterfeit. Bigger brands will be more likely to use a hologram printing service in their packaging process, so if you are suspicious you could check the outer and internal packaging to find an official hologram.

What to do if you suspect food fraud

If you suspect your food has been tampered with, or that it is counterfeit (it may be being sold unusually cheap, or the packaging doesn’t look quite right), you can contact the government’s National Food Crime Unit who will look into your claim. You should also get in touch with your local authorities who can prevent the food from being sold.

To discuss how holograms can keep your FMCG products secure, get in touch with us, we can create, develop and design holograms to specifically address your security concerns in a range of innovative designs.