Business print solutions: Use of colour in marketing

Business print solutions: Use of colour in marketing

Whether or not you realise it at the time, the colours in marketing materials really do have an impact on your perception of a business or brand. Once you understand how to best use colour to influence your consumers, you can make your marketing efforts as effective as possible. The right business print solutions can help you to gain the attention of your audience and win them over with tactics such as choosing the right colour palette.

How do people react to colour?

This will come as no surprise, but different people respond differently to different colours. The general assumption that all people respond well to green and that yellow is the cheeriest colour have been recently disproved by various studies on the use of different colour in different contexts.

Colour, it turns out, is a very personal preference that is influenced by a person’s reception to it throughout their life. In layman’s terms, if you’ve had a bad experience of a colour in the past you may react negatively in the future. Everything in life is given a meaning, including the colour around us. One person may find pink the happiest colour while another may dislike it because it reminds them of a bike they fell off as a child! There is simply no way of predicting how person to person will respond to a colour.

How can businesses and brands use colour?

Deciding on the right colour palette for your business is a crucial decision. Thinking about how you want to use colour to portray your business can affect how people perceive your business. Certain colours will help you to communicate what your business stands for. Choose appropriate colours and make sure to differentiate yourself from your competitors’ so customers don’t become confused.

Choose a colour family, i.e. similar colours that compliment each other. A colour wheel can help you to do this by picking colours close to each other. The colours next to each other will work well when combined, so it’s a good idea to pick a few in a row. Once you feel satisfied with your choice, the next step is finding business print solutions providers who can help you to produce high quality marketing materials, like direct mailers and flyers.

At Hague Print, we put your requirements first and can help you to find the right colour combinations for your business marketing. We are a leading printing solutions company and have more than 20 years of experience helping businesses like yours to use colour to win over customers and gain more business.