America goes crazy for ‘I voted’ stickers

America goes crazy for ‘I voted’ stickers

America recently voted, and one of the biggest topics of conversation wasn’t the vote itself, but the ‘I voted’ stickers that some states gave voters when they left the polling station.

In recent years, these stickers have gained somewhat of a cult status among Americans. Numerous celebrities have been pictured wearing them – elevating them from a humble sticker to a desirable accessory. Seeing the popularity of the stickers, local business have also started to get in on the action, offering freebies and discounts to sticker-wearers.

As a result, it seems like the low cost sticker has been more successful at encouraging people to vote than hugely expensive marketing campaigns. As well as wearing the sticker, people are taking photos of their prized sticker and sharing them across social networks, further spreading their reach.

Ohio political media and communications professor, Benjamin Bates, said of the craze, “You might feel good about voting, but no one can tell that you voted. [The sticker] is a temporary tattoo that declares to everyone, ‘I’m part of a democracy. I’m part of the tribe.'”

Keen to emulate the success of the sticker, Facebook created a virtual version, meaning people could add a ‘I voted’ sticker/badge to their profile. Facebook tracked the results of the virtual sticker, and found that it too, was effective in encouraging people to vote. People whose friends had already voted and displayed the sticker were more likely to vote than those who hadn’t.

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